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As an experienced bookkeeper, I have broad expertise in keeping track of all the money coming in and going out of a firm, including purchases, costs, sales income, invoices, and payments.

Effective Decision Making

I am known for making informed company decisions by efficiently processing general ledgers.

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Experienced Crew

Our team of attest specialists, who have a broad range of industry expertise, knows how audit services in Toronto, Canada, may assist businesses in achieving greater audit efficiency. We know what other auditors look for, which will reduce auditing time. Since we have years of experience conducting financial statement and compliance audits, we know what auditors look for and can uncover any costly or potentially problematic issues before an audit. Trust one of the most well-known businesses with a proven record of offering reliable audit services; call us now!

Professional Audit Services in Toronto, Canada

With extensive expertise in auditing financial accounts, Lira Tax & Accounting provides businesses with trustworthy and customized audit services in Toronto, Canada. We can bring value to your organization by completing a hassle-free, cost-effective audit since we have a better grasp of your company, industry, strategy, and related risks. At Lira Tax & Accounting, we work with our customers to get a better knowledge of their business. By doing so, we can offer audit preparation services with more comfort and transparency. We offer a full suite of audit preparation services, but more significantly, we go beyond the numbers to give insight that assists our customers in mitigating business risks, increasing access to capital, streamlining processes, and efficiently managing their businesses.

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