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As an experienced bookkeeper, I have broad expertise in keeping track of all the money coming in and going out of a firm, including purchases, costs, sales income, invoices, and payments.

Effective Decision Making

I am known for making informed company decisions by efficiently processing general ledgers.

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Expert, Proactive Tax Consulting And Representation For Canadian Businesses

Clients on the Canada border can obtain consultations and strategic tax guidance from Lira Tax & Accounting. The company provides various services in this specialized field, such as proactive consulting, compliance assurance, and tax planning techniques. Our objective is to maximize tax benefits and reduce compliance risk with our legal consulting services in Toronto, ON. Due to our broad expertise in accounting and tax litigation, the team may act as advisors and advocates when handling tax disputes. Customer assistance is available around-the-clock to ensure that your requests are met and the governing bodies’ legal standards. If you have any inquiries about our legal services or how we might assist your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Reliable Legal Consulting Services in Toronto, ON

Lira Tax & Accounting offers a broad range of services, including legal and financial advocacy and advice. We easily house all our services under one roof and provide comprehensive tax planning strategies, financial advising, and legal representation in both jurisdictions. We provide better and greatly improved accounting services, including tax consulting, to assist you in concentrating as much as possible on your business. Our legal consulting services in Toronto, ON, relieve your pressure and, with our targeted approach, foster a greater sense of company passion. We handle all legal issues relating to auditing, corporate affairs, and accounting. Technically, our team of professionals is well-equipped to manage the client’s legal challenges with care and dedication.

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